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Grand Gaming Alliance

Grand Gaming[​IMG] Alliance . aka [GGA]™: Is A E-Sports Team In Dota2.Its Basically A Troll Team In Which Everyone Can See Them Trolling Except Themselves :)
Captain: Talha Khan
Dota2 Nick: .™ Imperious-Mage[​IMG]
Role: Offlaner, Game Controller
Best Lane: Mid, Top
Mid: Bakhtwar Khan (v.capt)
Dota2 Nick: .™ Loda
Role: Game Controller, Carry
Best Lane: Mid
Support: Muhammad Awais
Dota2 Nick: .™ kㄔя A₂
Role: Semi-Carry, Support
Best Lane: Top
Carry: Yaqoob
Dota2 Nick: .™ Ghost
Role: Semi Carry, Lane pusher
Best Lane: Bot
Jungler.Tank: Idrees Masood
Dota2 Nick: .™ NatherZim
Role: Tank, Support, Feeder. :p
Best Lane: Bot, Top