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Aero Monsters

Assalam O Alaikum and Eid Mubarak.

I'm an old and solo player of Dota 2 with a really good experience and Strategy. I realized that playing Solo is useless, so I decided to make/join a team. I tried to join one but it failed, so after that I decided to make my OWN team. I made the name of it.
i.e: Aero Monsters.
Tag: Aero-
I already have one player with me in this team and he is a Support, so basically I need an Offlaner, Carry and one more Support. A really awesome player who can understand his teammates and be extremely good in Team co-operations because I want this team not to be Failed and to be on Top. so If anyone is interested, PM me so I can see his talents and test him in normal matches.
Thank you.
Aero- iMasterOfBlood
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  1. -ReVenGeR-
    Sep 4, 2017