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Unite PKdota and Dota2pk

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bugatti_212, Dec 10, 2014.


Do you support me ?

  1. Yes - We should work together for Betterment of doto in PK,Leaving our egos

  2. No - I am a noob and a Peenoy

  1. Bugatti_212

    Bugatti_212 WHY YOU NO POST!

    I dont know why their are two sites or communities for the promotion of Dota 2 scene in Pakistan.I read somewhere that admins had some personal issues with each other which resulted in making of PKdota.Both of these communities have same targets,same goals,same mission then why are they differentiated by name ?
    All of the senior guys of both communities work hard for dota 2,both try to promote doto scene in Pakistan and for the betterment of E-sports scene in our country.

    I request the senior staff of both sites PKdota and Dota2pk,please get together on one platform and work together for betterment of E-sports and Doto scene in Pakistan.Leave your ego seniors and forgive each other,We (The Newbies to the scene) need your support to show our talent.I request again to the seniors PLEASE! lets work together for our beloved doto and our Pakistan!
  2. ɅɈ™

    ɅɈ™ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Malt and Pooya
    Malt and Pooya
    Malt and Pooya
  3. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Malt was part of our website, he was an admin here. He left to go do something on his own. I have no grudge against that kid and i have tried talking to him, he replies using abusive words.

    On the other hand our staff is hungry for people to help promote DOTA2 within Pakistan.
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  4. ɅɈ™

    ɅɈ™ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    There must be someone who could bring the two platforms together.
    Someone..? Cmon....!!!!
  5. LeagueOfLesbians

    LeagueOfLesbians WHY YOU NO POST!

    I PM'ed him and the explaination i got wasnt so flattering. Ive been checking out his website, and he seems like a nice guy. So, ill dump the desi attitude and cut it to the chase since hes asked me for the following explainations:
    1: Attempting to threaten to sue him for running a facebook group using dota 2 pakistan as a name.
    2: Using Malt, Dota 2 Pakistan Malt and other malt stuff in your meta tags which is considered dirty SEO by any webmaster including me.
    3: Offering little to no support for him while he worked on the website, but responding almost instantly when he tried promoting the scene elsewhere.
    4: Cheating him and attempting to give him a bad name without him responding in kind for about 2 months. This includes phoning people and messaging them saying he cheated you. He also says you forgot to remove his admin status for 1-2 weeks after you banned him, but he did nothing to damage your website despite having the ability to bring it down to the ground while you continued to badmouth him.
    5: Deleting posts regarding his tournies and then bitching when he starting calling you out for it on his own website, while mass inviting people from his guild to join yours (he claims you failed)
    6: Accusing him of TOS-service attacks without doublechecking facts or even considering where they came from. :D
    7: Not answering any of his queries, while calling him a kid whenever you dont have an answer.
    Mujhe 1,2,4 aur 5 ka jawab chahiye. I don't think either of you are saints, but to take the moral higher ground here Pooya is not the way to do stuff. I think he needs an apology and hes doing a lot more for the Dota 2 scene than you are. Personally, I know hes organizing a LAN and his tournies are much larger than yours and he has the Punjabi boys with him. Ye lo. If you don't answer this, mujhe bhi ban kardena, kyun ke everything he says is true then.
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  6. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Wow, this is very one sided post and i will let this be for others to read.
    At times i do question myself, why do i even bother.
  7. LeagueOfLesbians

    LeagueOfLesbians WHY YOU NO POST!

    I appreciate it. It shows that you are willing to discuss the matter. Ofc, you still need to answer 1,2,4 and 5. 6 to sab ke samne howa hai and i helped you fix that.
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  8. Mr. TeaTime

    Mr. TeaTime WHY YOU NO POST!

    Pooya by saying things like why do i even bother you make it seem like you're avoiding the questions. I'm not going to partake in this discussion since my opinion would be seen as biased as a staff member from the other website but you should answer those or delete this post if you want to save some face.
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  9. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I'm not answerable to anyone, my point is, do you see any of our members visiting his site and asking him questions? Why is it that I am being targeted at?
    Such a shame that you decided to visit this website only to partake in this discussion....
  10. Mr. TeaTime

    Mr. TeaTime WHY YOU NO POST!

    I visit your website all the time, I don't like to post because it feels inappropriate as an admin in another website that's all.

    I agree you're not answerable to anyone, but I'm just saying that people will talk and your fanbase will shift away from your website (and lets be honest, the loyalty thing doesn't really work in websites) slowly if you keep avoiding answers. I know what your point is, you really don't NEED to answer anything, but to all the people asking questions, they're your loyal users too ... I'd feel you feel that you owe them SOME answers at least. But then again I'm probably completely wrong and I apologise greatly for posting on your website, this is specifically why I avoid doing it in the first place :)
  11. FullMetalBitch™

    FullMetalBitch™ Dominating Staff Member Donor

    Well bad blood is nothing new to the esports! Happens all the time, but yeah i think Pooya and Malt should talk it out and get on the same page for the greater good. That being said, i dont think its right for us to judge anyone side in this conflict. Im sure both have their versions of the story. What matters is if you guys can put aside your differences and work together. Frankly, i doubt it.
  12. NeDo

    NeDo Don't Mess With The NeDo

    I Think They Should Be Locked In a Room For About An Hour Together!! To Work It Out!!
    If U Know What I Mean :p
  13. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT

    [BliZZarD]_FrOsT Dominating

  14. Maan

    Maan Administrator Staff Member Admin

    i worked both of them but i chose this site because when i talk to pooya he don't care what pkdota is doing out their and what malt is doing but when i talk with malt about our work he is always saying pooya did this pooya doing that so i realized may be he is a problem.
    i know they got good teams and good players but as for community they have little but they control them like robots community is not a kingdom its a shared role of every single person in it, which pkdota lacks.
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  15. suffiyyan

    suffiyyan Dominating

    And one more thing my team target killers took part in recent inagural we won 2 matches as we have to win 3 in the third match the team starting abusing with my big brother and when I told the admins they said it's personal like what theh dont care what teams doing no sensible teams are there they all greedy and uneducated teams who just starting abusing when they are losing and malt said me post it on whatsapp group lol what it means he is not capable of solving the problems at least 10 teams abandoned inagural

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