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Discussion in 'Guides' started by ChoasEater, Apr 29, 2013.

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    ChoasEater Killing Spree

    [​IMG] 16 + 1.70 [​IMG]25-31 [​IMG] 15 + 1.50 [​IMG]310 [​IMG] 22 + 3.00 [​IMG] 3.1
    TideHunter is a strength mele hero.It is basically a initiator and durable hero which can disable/support other heros,as any other hero it also contains three basic abilities and one ultimate,making it a total of four abilities.​
    These are TideHunter stats on lvl 1 15 and 25 without items.​
    LEVEL 1 15 25
    HITPOINTS 568 1366 2316​
    MANA 208 517 998​
    DAMAGE 47-53 89-95 139-145​
    ARMOR 3 6 11​
    SIGHT RANGE 1800/800​
    As u can see TideHunter mana for a strength hero is low early on but as u progress through the levels the mana pool becomes gradually big,which makes him a good tanky support hero.​
    [​IMG]GUSH:Summons a gush of water to damage an enemy unit, reducing their movement speed and armor. Lasts 4 seconds.​
    [​IMG] MANA COST: 120 for all 4 levels of this ability.​
    [​IMG]COOL DOWN:12 sec for all 4 levels of this ability.​
    DAMAGE:110/level 1, 160/level 2, 210/level 3, 260/level 4​
    SLOW:40% slow for all levels of this ability.​
    ARMOR REDUCTION:2/level 1, 3/level 2, 4/level 3, 5/level 4 ​
    This ability is extemely good for a gank as u can see the armor reduction and slow affect it does to enemy target.Should be lvl 2 before gank in early game.Remember this ability cant be targeted at magic immunity units.​
    [​IMG]KRAKEN SHELL: Creates a thick armor shell that reduces physical damage and removes negative buffs when damage received reaches a critical threshold. Kraken Shell does not stack with items that provide Damage Block.​
    DAMAGE REDUCTION:7/level1,14/level2,21/level3,28/level4​
    DAMAGE THRESHOLD:600 for all 4 levels of this ability.​
    This ability usefull for having a tanky TideHunter,as u can see it blocks damage and removes negative buff when a certain damage threshold is reached.Should be lvl 1 early game to block creep attack easily.Remeber plz no vanguard,stout shield or poor man shield with TideHunter because then the block will not happen.​
    [​IMG] ANCHOR SMASH:Tidehunter swings his mighty anchor to damage nearby enemies and reduce their attack damage.​
    [​IMG]MANA COST:30/level 1, 40/level 2, 50/level 3, 60/level 4​
    [​IMG]COOL DOWN:7/level 1, 6/level 2, 5/level 3, 4/level 4​
    DAMAGE:75/level 1, 125/level 2, 175/level 3, 225/level 4​
    DAMAGE REDUCTION:40% for all 4 levels of this ability.​
    DURATION:6 sec​
    This ability is TideHunter counter and harasing for mele heros,​
    anchor smash takes only a minimum amount of mana and gives us a nice physical damage.If ur up against a a lot of mele heros then this ability should be maxed more then gush as it gives a perfect 400 aoe damage.Another benefit of this ability is that it reduces 40 % attack of ur enemy in 400 aoe radius for 6 sec.Pros combo this with a blink blade to finish of their target easily,but calculating exact distance is what makes them pro and not wasting mana on gush to slow enemy and then anchor smash.This ability should be maxed after gush.Dont go for stats.​
    [​IMG]RAVAGE:Slams the ground, causing tentacles to erupt in all directions, damaging and stunning all nearby enemy units.​
    [​IMG]MANA COST:150/level 1, 225/level 2, 325/level 3​
    [​IMG]COOL DOWN:150 for all 3 levels of this ability.​
    DAMAGE:200/level 1, 325/level 2, 450/level 3​
    RADIUS:825/level 1, 925/level 2, 1025/level 3​
    DURATION:2.02/level 1, 2.32/level 2, 2.77 level 3​
    TideHunter ultimate said to be one of the most devastating abilities in dota 2,why?,because it has aoe damage that stuns also.Ravage is a good team fight initiating ability, as most players pair it with a blink blade,they blink in battle and stun all enemy players in a given radius,not to mention it disables all channeling abilities of the enemy.This ability is devastating counter for many heros in dota 2,as the stun alows ur team mates to finish the enemy off.Highly recomended to get a refresher so u can use this ability twice.Dont get scepter as it will not affect ravage.Rubrick counter will to use ravage and then quickly use anchor smash so he cant steal ur ravage.​
    PUBLIC GAMES:As we all know many Pakistani play public games in dota 2 client.This will be for public games.​
    EARLY GAME:Early game in a pub match u should get the following items first:​
    tango_lg.png Tango flask_lg.png Healing salve clarity_lg.png Clarity [​IMG]Courier ​
    [​IMG]Ring of protection OR [​IMG] Wards​
    Now that we got our items we will head to our lane bot or top,these items will last us long for some ganking.In early game try to get a kill in ur lane at lvl 3 as u would have 2 lvl gush and 1 lvl anchor smash,we dont need kraken shell for now.If ur successful in getting a kill ,good but if not start ganking on lvl 4.Go mid to gank then other lanes.Surely they would have gotten wards then go from in base and try to help other lanes,this will make pressure on the opposing team and help ur team get kills,because early kills quite make up the team for future battles.Remember to make ur ring into this[​IMG] ,it will give u nice and constant amount of mana over time.After this boots [​IMG] will be the item to go.Always join the team when the push tower or gank alltogether.Try not to die.​
    MID GAME:Mid game u should be about lvl 8 or 9 with gush and anchor smash maxed and also having ur ultimate.Now ur ready to stun and win team fights if u and ur team mates use their brain not cocks.Mid game is most important part of game as it decides many things,ur carry would need a lot of farm at this time of game,when even ganking call ur carry always as he would need exp and gold.Remember to get wards also, sentry for invis heros and obs also.Pushing lanes with ur anchor smash will be good and quick gold.Dont let creeps take down ur towers unless heros are diving it.Gank with ur team if heros are diving towers ur ravage will be key to wining mid game.Make a bracer always to make ur self durable[​IMG],arcane boots also [​IMG].By this time if u have ganked good and pushed lanes u can get a blink blade[​IMG] to suprise attck enemy.Blinks blade will be helpful for escaping and suprise attck.Late mid game u should make drum of endurance, as it gives nice speed bonus plus good stats.Dont solo mid game as their heros will also be able to wipe u away.Go in a pair of 2.​
    LATE GAME:At late game u should have all abilities maxed and at least destroyed 4 or 5 towers of ur enemy.If sensible players play they can wipe all lane towers in mid game.Noe u should be focused on destroying the enemy and pushing remaining towers.All ur team should now be ready to push,Dont for get the next item should be refresher[​IMG] only on ur mind as me we need 2 ultimates.Push only one side with all ur team mates,also notify them when u will ulti so they can be ready.Once u destroyed ur enemy team focus on pushing till they respawn.Use ur anchor smash to kill the creeps quickly and push the towers and their base.Remember if the enemy is tough u can retreat and attack later.Dont become John Rambo and die because if main support/tank fails all are fucked.Dont hesitate to die in team battle as ur main tank and are made to be fucked by enemy in team battle.Hesitating to attack can prove all dead in a matter of sec.Disable the enemy before they do u.Use brain while attacking the enemy and if u gank 3 heros u should ulti as it will not go waste,u will be able to destroy 3 team heros.When to ulti is also important,using ravage on one hero while rest come behind him is just plain stupid.Timing,Brain using,Team coordination,and not running away in middle of battle is important things to remember.​
    Proper Clan battles strategy and items are all different from pub game.​


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