Third batch of invites for The International 3 given out


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Third batch of invites for The International 3 given out
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Dota 2′s official blog has released the next wave of invited teams for The International 3, which will be held this coming August 2013.

Another five invites were given out:
  • Dignitas is arguably the most consistent American team this year, and they will aim to defend their home turf against the visiting teams.
  • Zenith finished a joint 5th/6th on last year’s The International, and has had an excellent run on the G-1 Qualifiers despite playing with a stand-in.
  • Virtus.Pro
    will be representing the massive Russian community. Despite playing inconsistently as of late, they shown that they still got it by defeating Liquid and almost beating Alliance.
  • DK is still one of the better Chinese teams, as they proved via qualifying into the LAN finals of the G-1 Champions League.
  • Na’Vi
    is disappointing for many, performing sub-par and even having a roster change. However, they are still the runner-up of the tournament and the first ever champion so their invite isn’t really a surprise.
With that, only two more slots for invited teams are remaining.
Invictus Gaming, the defending Champion, is the first to be invited this year. The second invite came not long after consisting of Fnatic.EU,
Team Liquid, and NeoES.Orange.

This year’s tournament will be a about a month earlier than last year’s, with the main event set this coming 7-11 August.
Other details like participating teams on the qualifiers, is still undetermined.
With the 13 total invites and the 2 qualifier slots, that makes up for 15 out of 16 participants. The last team to join will be the winner of a wildcard match between the runner-up of the East and West qualifiers.
The prize pool is still undisclosed as of yet. The International rewarded 1,000,000 USD to the Champion on its first two years.

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quite right!international 3 will be a bomb..bro try to make threads in one thread about the same topic..