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The need of Proper Casters

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by [D|] Intellect., Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    you can go to the staff link there you will find a link to my profile click on it there you will find my number just txt me before the match
  2. @Carl

    @Carl Staff Member | Dota2PK.COM Staff Member

    laptop gaming is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :O
  3. Maan

    Maan Administrator Staff Member Admin

    i am up for casting guys and i don't have light issue either but i need some help that how to cast i mean i know hoe to cast in game but last time pooya was asking about my twich link or some thing i need help in that...
  4. [D|] Intellect.

    [D|] Intellect. WHY YOU NO POST!

    Best staff ever
    Final at 9pm
    1 Admin online = AJ.
    AJ and I don't talk with eachother
    ' Grand Final '
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