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The Future

Discussion in 'News' started by Pooya, May 2, 2015.

  1. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hello everyone, as most of you must have noticed, our website has been awfully silent and so have I.

    I built this forum and our staff to help carry the legacy forward as I cant always be there for DOTA2PK.com
    We created this platform to help grow DOTA2 community within Pakistan and to create awareness.

    For now DOTA2PK.com is opening its hands for anyone who wishes to teamup with us.

    Regarding tournaments, i hope everyone has their teams ready. Season 04 registrations will commence soon, make sure your team is registered on dota2 servers as it will be necessary this time.
  2. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Caster/streamer/Gamer

    Been away for a long time as well more then happy to join and help in anyway i can i have an exam on 5thmay after that i have a quite a big break before the next i can make up my team and join in the tournament as well

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