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Steam Limited Account

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Asif Raza, May 20, 2016.

  1. Asif Raza

    Asif Raza WHY YOU NO POST!

    AoA guys i have question which bother me these days.. is there any way to lift Limited from my steam account now i can't add friends join party or even chat in local community its pain. i made account just after they implement this rule which sucks really..
    i read somewhere people talking about spending 5$ in steam !! if its true then i wanna know how because im just fadeup i want this limitation end now.

    thanks in advance for answering
    Peace and love for everone
  2. Farooki

    Farooki WHY YOU NO POST!

    yea dude u have to purchase 5$ worth of items or somekind of purchase to make your account access able...
    but i u need account with 3k mmr and non bonded to these shit, i have it we can make a deal for it in exchange of battle pass :p
  3. Asif Raza

    Asif Raza WHY YOU NO POST!

    i don't know anything about battle pass.. 3k mmr is good.. how to purchase 5$ worth of items from steam as you know our banks are limited to pakistan only anyone that i can find who is gonna purchase me items in return for cash ?

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