Shadow Fiend 1v1 Solo Mid Tournament

After successfully hosting 3 seasons of Dota International Clan Wars, Dota International is hosting its 4th online Tournament which is 1v1 Solo Mid Tournament.

Ticket in Dota 2 Stores :

This tournament is for 3 regions separately.
1. SEA Region
2. Russian Region
3. North America Region

Each region's tournament is treated like a separate tournament and winners of each region will be given prizes separately.

Shadow Fiend Arcana for Winner of each region (Total 3 Prizes)
1 Legendary hero Bundle for Lowest time match Winner (Total 1 Prize)

Entry Fee:
Any tradeable item worth upto or more than 3.5$ in steam community market.

Only Hero Allowed to play is Shadow Fiend.

Tournament Type:
Tournament is Double Elimination and all matches including semi Finals and Finals are BO3.

Tournament Registration link:

All necessary information regarding tournament's timing settings and other related stuff, please see the link above.

For any question or doubt, feel free to post below.