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Selling Steam Account With items for 5000 pkr

Discussion in 'Trade' started by llı {•- erвaz -•} ıll, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. llı {•- erвaz -•} ıll

    llı {•- erвaz -•} ıll WHY YOU NO POST!

    Selling Steam Account With items for 5000 pkr

    Has 15$ CSGO with 19 items, 20$ company of heroes, 12$ Last survivor ,10$ Hektor, 10$ Limbo, Dirt 3 60$, Distraint 1$ , Streamline 20$ Dota 2 600+ items!

    Dota 2 solo mmr is 3700+ and party is 3100+ and commends are 289!
    CSGO account with silver elite master rank with 160+ wins competitive!

    Have descent stats of csgo and dota 2 7000 hours!
    Market unlocked and available!
    It has steam profile level of 12!
    7 Year old account!
    250 Reps of trusted trade comments!
    7000+ hours played in dota 2!
    108 lvl of dota profile!
    272 lvl of trophy points!
    Have 100+ sets including compendium only sets and high valuable sets!
    Have 289 commends of gameplay.
    Have 663 trades made.
    309 market transactions.
    Trusted by gifts
    Trusted by arcanas exchange through gifts.
    Trusted by real money purchases.
    Trusted account never been trade banned or vac banned or reported.
    Many compendium books opened including 2016 compendium.
    Many trophies and rewards earned.
    Friends listed boosted u can add as many as u like.
    Most hackers phisers and time wasters are already blocked.
  2. Fr1sKeR._.FtW

    Fr1sKeR._.FtW WHY YOU NO POST!

    me apko add nhi kar pa raha hun yar error araha hai
  3. Zaintech.pk

    Zaintech.pk WHY YOU NO POST!

    If you need Steam Wallet Gift cards I have.
    WhatsApp 0300-2222055

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