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Selling PC Components

Discussion in 'Trade' started by llı {•- erвaz -•} ıll, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. llı {•- erвaz -•} ıll

    llı {•- erвaz -•} ıll WHY YOU NO POST!

    Want to sell 4 component of pc plays dota in ultra setting at max fps at 2048 HD resoultion..... also u can play other games at max settings like crysis 2 , assasins creed black flag, borderlands2 , battlefiield 4, call of duty series , DMC , farcry3 , Hitman absolution , MGS and other exciting games....
    Core i3 2120 3.3ghz
    GTX 650ti 1gb with Custom cooling fan
    4 * 4 = 8 gb Ram in 2 slots
    Asus H61ME New motherboard in warranty
    Demand is 20 thousand.
    add me on steam profile
    Or call me at 0334 358 2252
    I am near Gulshan-e-iqbal side at Karachi , Pakistan.

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