Selling my dota 2 + csgo account

Jul 17, 2014
Hello Friends!
I am selling my account of steam has csgo + dota2 with items...
Demand is 120$ usd

Market unlocked and available.
Has CounterStrike Global Offensive.
Trusted by gifts
Trusted by arcanas exchange through gifts.
Trusted by real money purchases.
Trusted account never been trade banned or vac banned or reported.
It has steam profile level of 12.
7 Year old account.
200 + reps of trusted comments.
6000+ hours played in dota 2.
3500 + mmr solo and 3000+ party
88+ lvl of dota profile.
Has 650+ items.
Have 100+ sets including compendium only sets and high valuable sets..
Have 274+ commends of gameplay.
560+ trades happened.
61+ market transactions.
Many compendium books opened.
Many trophies earned.
40+ ingame guides personally written with experience for easy mmr.
Friends listed boosted.
Most hackers phisers and time wasters are already blocked.
Have good dotabuff stats...

Item values is listed below!

Contact me at 0334 358 2252 do not leave message call me......
or add me in steam profile