Registration - Dota International's Clan Wars - Season 4

Hello guys,
I am here to invite you guys for season 4 of Dota International Clan Wars. Here are few details below.
For registration and details > Registration Dota International Clan Wars Season 4
Tournament Ticket in Dota 2 Store :

  • 50 % of entry Fee to Winner
  • 20% of entry Fee to Runner up
  • 30% of entry Fee for Casters / Match Referees
Entry Fee : Entry Fee is any Dota 2 items worth 2$ for 1 complete team. We accept max up to 2 items combined worth 2$.

Servers: Only server used will be South East Asia. If you have issues on this server, please do not join.

Game Client : This tournament will be played on old Dota 2 Client, not on Dota 2 Reborn. All players must have old Dota 2 clients to play.

Tournament Type: Tournament will be Double elimination. All the matches will be single matches except Semi Final and Final which will be Best of 3 matches.

Matches Start Date : Tournament will start from 11 July 2015