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PDC gone furious and we do not care

Discussion in 'News' started by Firgerfirst, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    PDC a site which is owned my MALT . Malt is a so called pro at making forums and stuff anyways . This guy when i came to dota2 Malt and Hits were the first unknown friends i had even though i didnt know them i just talked to them and they thought oh why not this is a good guy . In recent times Malt got really jealous cause i posted dota2pk's tourny on his guild . Hence, he removed me from the guild in a freaking instance hahaha why so jealous :S . Anyhow i asked him why he told me the reason i said i wont do it again and so on . A couple of days ago they showed great disrespect to all dota2pk members and lead's telling us to fuck ourselves and were not allowed in their tournaments . I believe this attack was for @Blade and his team the standins because they play our tourny's and spectate aswell . While all this bullshit was going on MALT suddenly remember'ed to remove me from his guild again . Now i accept it was a mistake of mine to ask MALT to put me back the first time . Guess what MALT i don't give a shit go poop in UK . Alhumdulillah i dont spend my whole life in front of my PC ive got a real social life YAY "me" .
    2 days back i met the captain of team unity working under MALT the captain is an old friend though named adeel he told me cmon let go of pooya he's a freaking back stabber i asked him why he had no answer :s now that was sad . I do not care if Pooya would stab me in the back or in my balls i do not care because i have a social life away from my laptop .
    So guess what PDC i dont give a shit jelly as much as you want.
    Im good here Alhumdulillah
    And people reading this would also know that MALT is quite a lowlife
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  2. hitsgaming

    hitsgaming WHY YOU NO POST!

    I Like this post because my nick is mentioned :D
  3. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Wow, never knew i was a back stabbing bitch ....
  4. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT

    [BliZZarD]_FrOsT Dominating

    lmao...write a novel bro.. u gr8 writter :D
  5. pRojeCT_keYs..

    pRojeCT_keYs.. Dominating


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  6. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    yeah hits u a popular guy now . and yeah thats the story pooya
  7. Blade

    Blade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    i dont know why dota2pk member are banned on that platform..i still remember PDC member played as standin in season 2.. after all its all about DOTA2 promotion in Pakistan. all i look forward is for competitive tourneys to play.. either it is hosted by dota2pk or PDC.. but i think these 2 communities now have separate ways.. but still apart frm tourneys we do have our friends community regardless of hate war from PDC. i knw since long time and we never had this discussion but will ask him what exactly issue is. dota2pk and PDC after all both working for promotion of Dota2 in Pakistan :)
  8. ɅɈ™

    ɅɈ™ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Malt told me that no one is banned to play in their tournaments but those people who are involved in any activity against his website and his admins.
  9. Blade

    Blade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    well Aj ya Admin wala tag tujhy b laga hua ha :D phr nai khel rahy wahan :D
  10. LeagueOfLesbians

    LeagueOfLesbians WHY YOU NO POST!

    can confirm this, asked him this myself. I dont know the guy too well, but hes actually making an effort for dota in pakistan with that LAN coming up in karachi and stuff. I would love to rip on him if that scored me any brownie points with the admins, but I think I'm still waiting for the reply Pooya was supposed to give on the website. Given the fact ke I havent seen anything happen on PKDota, I would ask you to confirm this before you start another fight when we are trying to get the platforms together.
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  11. ɅɈ™

    ɅɈ™ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @MaltDoto: ye pooya wali website pe har 1-2 din mein ye dramay chalte hain? When did I ban any admin? Also, tell Fingerfirst, we dont need his presence if he doesnt want to tocome. I dont really give a damn every time a D2PK admin has a period in public.

    Recent message from Malt..
    I seriously dont know what is going on..
    But If imran Khan and nawaz sharif can compromise for this country.
    Then Pooya and Mald should do it also for good..!
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  12. @Carl

    @Carl Staff Member | Dota2PK.COM Staff Member

    I Really hate PDC Now , those guys are like "WE DONT CARE" + Getting 0 reply on steam from administrators etc etc , I am working on Dota2pk.com ' s Homepage [ HTML5] and other stuff , mean while I am thinking to launch some DDoS Attacks on PDC :) + Some DoXing of PDC Database too , Enjoy the mentainance Malt Goodluck (Y)
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  13. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Thank you for helping out our dota2 communty, but please dont do anything to other communities. We welcome everyone and hold no grudge against anyone.
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  14. -ReVenGeR-

    -ReVenGeR- Killing Spree

    I also had a discussion with malt asking him why he's always against dota2pk and it's members. the thing is, I do agree that he's pro in arranging tournament and organizers not because he does it but I have SEEN it. if we compare dota2pk with pdc, PDC is far more better even if dota2pk is more older than PDC. but that's not the problem. The thing is both communities has the same aim and the same platform of arranging tournaments for dota2 in Pakistan. and then here comes the point where we see that who is doing with all of his heart. I don't want to discourage this website and the community but people here are sleepy, I'm not with PDC either. I have played in both communities and both communities has given me the same respect. We don't know the deep discussions and personal issues. But I think if they don't really want to be united then why can't we just leave it and enjoy both of the communities? and when it comes to have a life. Bro Fingerfast, "If you can't take risks, you can't create a future". whatever Malt is doing, this is his life. and if he's religious or not. We don't really need to care about that because it's their problems and everything. one more thing, This is Dota2, just a game for fun JUST A GAME! why you people can't understand it? How do you guys even know valve is making money with this game? We spend money on buying the items which don't even exist, isn't it better to give those moneys to a needy person who is laying down on the street? if people can't even do that then just leave everything and play the fucking game for God sake. why do we have to grab people of other communities in the one community and then fight like a mad dog? Just live happily and have fun. You are not playing the game, Valve is playing you.
  15. Drunk.EU

    Drunk.EU Dominating Staff Member

    The more you talk about it the more this will escalate. Move on already. Sigh
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  16. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    listen up guys il let this screenshot talk for me here's the proof after this you do not ever have to reply but haha just look at this tell me on my face that i was wrong here it is
  17. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    which one of hurt the dota community of pakistan seriously its an overall attack with a twist of words :) have fun reading the BANNED FROM PLAYING
  18. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    which one of us*

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