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Neat Trick to Display Range Indicator

Discussion in 'Guides' started by xenodevil, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. xenodevil

    xenodevil Killing Spree

    So this other day, I was watching some live Dota2 streams, when I i saw this neat trick to display the range indicator permanently on Admiral Bulldog's stream. Imagine playing with Pudge with a permanent range indicator on for your hook's max range, or with Venge with her ultimate's range displayed as a circle at all times. AND you do not need to hover your mouse over the spell's/item's icon. Cool, right?

    So there is this simple command which you need to enter in Dota 2 Console:
    dota_range_display <range_number>
    for example
    dota_range_display 1100
    [How to enable Dota 2 Console]

    Beware that some players consider this as cheating, even though this is not a cheat code as its available to everyone as a feature of game, just like Counter Strike customizations. Also this can be a distraction, spending too much time on observing the range, so this is best for practice purposes only; to get a hang of how far away a certain range is. In all cases, it comes handy in very long range spells.

    Enjoy! :D

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