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MMR==GPA System now.

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by spartacus1921, May 6, 2015.

  1. spartacus1921

    spartacus1921 WHY YOU NO POST!

    Bhai ab to har koi ye dhund rha h k uski apni team k liye 4K+ eg mmr person chahiye baki kya jhak marain? kya teer marte h agr 4k hours game khel k 4K+ mmr le ain or ata shayad un logon se bhi kum khailna jo 2k pe bethain ho bcx of wapda or studies issues. idr bhi wojo gpa system chalaya wa h mmr zada to wah wah. there are a lot of ppl still hidden that deserves a better platform.
  2. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT

    [BliZZarD]_FrOsT Dominating

    lol well said....nice la !!
  3. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Caster/streamer/Gamer

    I put an mmr requirement for my team just to make sure a person has allot of interest in the game and is willing to play allot with the team and practise and take it seriosuly it doesnt have ever thing to do with skill level but willingness to play the game more and take it seriously ...lower mmr players are usually not that serious and have electricity and internet issues as well

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