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i am in need of ur supplies my lord !!

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by [BliZZarD]_FrOsT, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT

    [BliZZarD]_FrOsT Dominating

    any decent team out there need a player (4th or 5th postion), m here..if u need me plz do contact :)
    - almost 2k games played (got experience)
    - 49% winrate
    - Solo mmr 3.1k at the moment (rotates around 3.4) :)

  2. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    but are u from karachi?
  3. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT

    [BliZZarD]_FrOsT Dominating

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