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How to leave a game without getting Low Priority

Discussion in 'Guides' started by executionist, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. executionist

    executionist WHY YOU NO POST!

    As per Pooya's request I am posting this here.

    This only works before first blood or within 5 minutes of the game starting. You will get LP if you try it after first blood or 5 minutes have passed since the game started.

    First you must have console enabled. To enable console open steam > Library > Right Click Dota 2 > Properties > Set Launch Options > write "-console"

    You can open console the same way you did it in counter strike i.e. The ` or ~ key which is located just below the escape key. Here are a list of usefull console commands to have a customized dota 2 for yourself http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=337793

    All you have to do to quit a game without getting LP is to open console and write disconnect then press enter, click leave game as soon as you see the button. That's it, you can now continue on your new game.

    There can be a number of reasons for someone wanting to leave a game once it starts: Friend wants to join, too many russians in your team, someone picking meepo etc. Well now don't have to play those games anymore.
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    MR.DEVIL Trusted Seller

  3. executionist

    executionist WHY YOU NO POST!

    I never claimed it was a new trick, did I?

    You would know better about leaving 2 games in a row, never done that so far.
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  4. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hahahhaa,,,, oooooooo snap :p
  5. DotaGaming

    DotaGaming WHY YOU NO POST!

    does thsi trick still work?
  6. xenodevil

    xenodevil Killing Spree

    Well, if you haven't left a game in a while, you can leave it at any time without going into low priority. First blood and 5 minute markers do not hold!
    But always keep in mind that if you leave a game (like a boss ;) ) because you haven't left any game for a long time and number of players report you for that, you always have the chance of getting in LP. So be careful at all times... :p :D
  7. MeGaZ


    thank a lot lol
  8. A3.King.B3by

    A3.King.B3by WHY YOU NO POST!

    I quit before 5 min and first blood, but i have lp, why?
  9. xenodevil

    xenodevil Killing Spree

    @A3 King You cannot leave multiple games in a short span of time. One game a week is fine, any more than that, you'll have a big change of going into LP. Also, if you leave a game and a lot of player from that game report you, you'll almost certainly go into LP.
    Leaving games is always risky. One should always save the leaving options for very extreme cases.
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  10. A3.King.B3by

    A3.King.B3by WHY YOU NO POST!

    oh, it mean in 1 week, i can leave 1 time, i not going to lp, ty anyway

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