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How to get Garena level increased very fast?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by -EoN-, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. -EoN-


    How can I get garena level increased really fast? I am level 19 at the moment but I want more level as soon as possible, please try best to help me, ThankYou.
  2. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    You can start by playing more games, and kindly integrate steam into your account.
  3. Rozii.T_T

    Rozii.T_T WHY YOU NO POST!

    If u can pay 200 shells or 4$ via paypal, i can suggest you a good afk service. in a month you’ll be like lvl 37-38
  4. As Pooya said, you need to play more and more games, thats the actual and fair way. But if you want to go with unfair (hack) way... here is what you can do.
    You need to put your Garena ID on AFK. There are many who provide services for some money like Rozi said above, however if you dont want to do pay anything, you need to do this stuff yourself.
    For this, you need to download Garena Master . Now you can easily increase your level depending upon how much time you keep your PC on and keep your ID on AFK.
    But remember this is a hack and not allowed officially by Garena. If they found out some how that you are using this, they can ban your account.
  5. pRojeCT_keYs..

    pRojeCT_keYs.. Dominating

    and why the hell are u still stuck on garena.. :# those retards didnt even say anything officiall that was good enuf (or compensate the gold members who actually bought shells) before they brought the hammer down on dota in most regions..
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