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FPS Problems? PC Slow? Extra Services Exhaust Your PC? Here is the Solution

Discussion in 'Guides' started by nomyy, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. nomyy

    nomyy Killing Spree

    Guys ! some times useless and extra services utilize our A lot of memory that cause alot of problmes In PC . There Are Many Softwares To Solve Such Kind Of issues but , unfortunately these software some time ends our window services , due to which our pc hang out! for such kind of problems There is one of the best software which is best and simple in use ! And work in every Kind Of Operating System!
    the Software is attached in this post :] Log In & Download And Enjoy :] But Dont Forget To Thumbs up!

    • How To Use
    Install Wise Game Booster Add Your Game & Click Button Optimize All
    Download Link


    Nomyy :] keep Enjoying With www.dota2pk.com but dont forget to share & Like :]
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  2. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Uploaded the file here for faster and easier access :)

    Attached Files:

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  3. PakiGamer

    PakiGamer WHY YOU NO POST!

    how does this work? i mean whats the mechanism.. download krnai ka soch raha hun but i m hesitant
  4. nomyy

    nomyy Killing Spree

    some time Extra services exhaust over pc ! so it just end their process its simple ! Tutorial is given inside the File
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  5. DR.DEATHxx


    the main problem is the speed of internal clock of cpu !
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  6. nomyy

    nomyy Killing Spree

    yea you are rite ! .. but that controls a bit too ! Atleast Better than n0thing :p
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  7. waris.hasan00

    waris.hasan00 WHY YOU NO POST!

    get your pc upgraded -- !
  8. nomyy

    nomyy Killing Spree

    lol of course that post is for those people who cant afford expensive pcs !
  9. M4qs00d

    M4qs00d WHY YOU NO POST!

    I'm sharing a PC booster web link with u please check it out ...... i use these jet booster & jet cleaner .... both are free of cost.... i hope u will like it. :)...& sorry for my bad english :p
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  10. Tri[X]y .

    Tri[X]y . WHY YOU NO POST!

    FaZooL -_-

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