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Dota2Pk.com Prize

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Riki, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Riki


    If my team play and win the tournaments in Dota2pk.. what's the prize?
  2. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    The entire prize pool, i.e the entry fee + donations.
    If we cross a certain number of participants, the prizes split up in 80%, 15% and 5% respectively and if not then the winner takes all.
    Winner takes all is usually applicable to 1vs1 tournaments.

    Donations include rares + arcanas + sets + items + money. From the community, for the community.
  3. Riki



    What's the entry fee?
    When is the next tournament?
    How to submit fee?
    How and Where to participate?
    What is the minimum qualifying criteria?
  4. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I love it when people ask questions.

    Next tournament is most probably in june-july 2015.
    Subscribe to Season 04 by clicking the link.
    Submission is usually done by sending me the entry fee, which is a number of rares mostly.
    You participate by posting in the topic with your complete team details as mentioned in the rules.
    I doubt we will have any criteria.
  5. Riki


    Clicking the link you provide takes me to the link given above.. You sure this is the link? I cannot see "Subscribe" button here :(

    Any idea what approximately could be the entry fee? I have bunch of friends.
    And please do mention the location of match. What's the name of your Arena? how to locate you?
    If you could do me a favour and send a complete guide to participate in the tournament which include at least following details:
    1. Sign up details with web addresses
    2. Fee details
    3. Physical address of your arena (gaming spot)
    4. Methods of paying fee (cash, online etc)

    I mean, I have to surf your entire website to read one piece of information. Isn't anything compiled at one place so that weak minds like me can follow you with ease? ;)
  6. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    • We will accept teams made in www.challonge.com
    • Every member of your team must have a dota2pk.com account, to avoid any duplicates
    • To participate 5 Items are required, Commons will not be accepted.
    • Only team captain is required to post below with their challonge.com team link.
    • Do mention if you wish to play on SE or EU (west or east)
    • SERVER : SE ASIA only.
    • SEMI-FINALS and FINALS will be BEST OF 5

    and this whole tourny happens from your own house you do not need an arena to play just sit back in ur home on ur own pc and join in with your team
  7. Firgerfirst

    Firgerfirst Mega Kill Staff Member

    these were the rules in last tourny they might be different in the next
  8. suffiyyan

    suffiyyan Dominating

    Will be back after 15 may and pooya then we will arrange pur lan KaraChi tournament I am in contact with kobs and different teams of karachi Wahl will like to be there to play :) wait til then I assure u we will arrange a good one together

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