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[H] Dota2 Key Chains/ Items For Sale. Pakistan (Limited Stock)

Discussion in 'Trade' started by Blessed, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Blessed

    Blessed Trusted Seller Donor

    I'm selling dota2 key chains/ items.
    They are made of Zinc unbreakable.Contact no. :0331-5092139
    I'm available on mobile and whats app both.
    Free Cash on delivery for Rawalpindi and Islamabad customers.
    Figures shipment can be made to any city upon the buyers expense.
    Prices of all items is Rs. 1000/ unit.
    12181827_1067828703241982_1453170964_n.jpg 12188748_1067828863241966_1197996390_n.jpg 12200457_1067828843241968_1964200492_n.jpg 12200519_1067828963241956_1302683563_n.jpg 12200625_1067828876575298_730826921_n.jpg 12200899_1067828816575304_614313049_n.jpg 12200945_1067828849908634_536577170_n.jpg 12202124_1067828823241970_258589516_n.jpg 12202353_1067828753241977_1332253180_n.jpg 12204984_1067828926575293_114785712_n.jpg 12205064_1067828889908630_446367484_n.jpg 12207719_1067828773241975_1978534670_n.jpg 12207833_1067828913241961_1770249866_n.jpg 12207946_1067828869908632_2140583523_n.jpg 12212018_1067828713241981_513014362_n (1).jpg 12212018_1067828713241981_513014362_n.jpg 12212054_1067828699908649_1386908927_n.jpg

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