Dota2 Internationals Announced!


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So the big news is here at last! :D Dota2 Internationals, guys, with all the fun and thrill. :D

In a recent blog post on Dota2 Blog, the official announcement for Dota2 Internationals 2013 have been made. The official starting date of main 5 day event is August 7th, 2013.


Those of us who are new in Dota2 scene might be interested in knowing why this International tournament is so popular. Well, because its simply the best tournament in the Dota2 scene, nothing comes close. With multi-million dollar prize pools, hand pick professional team, qualified exceptional and newer team and free DotaTV live casts, this tournament present the most enriching and enigmatic experience for Dota lovers.

IG, the winners of last Internationals get free seats without competing in any qualifiers for the event. 12 other top teams from around the world will receive invitations for competing in the event without fighting for qualification.
To promote newer talent into the Dota2 scene, 16 teams (8 Western, 8 Eastern) will compete with each other and the winner from both East and West scenes will compete in the main event.
To further introduce unseen talent, there will be wildcard qualifiers which present a possible slot for current underdogs to appear in the grand event.
This makes a total of 16 teams in the grand event. The event plan is much similar to previous events. No objections on that, as the past ones were as fun as one can hope for.

All games will be available for free on Dota TV and most probably will also be available on by the casters. GD Studios will be casting the Western Qualifiers while BeyondTheSummit will be casting Eastern scenes.
For TobiWan lovers; he will be present and shall be casting as much games as possible. This isn't made official on the blog yet, but I heard him telling the public he has been hired for the International's casts in a recent tournament live stream. So buckle up for some high quality live games right on Dota TV with professional level commentary. ;)

Those of you with big bucks lying around; seats will be made available in Seattle where the main 5 day event will be hosted. The official price of tickets haven't been announced yet but you may want to keep a check on the blog from now on as the seat are very limited, as always.

We will keep the thread updated as more teams find there way into Internationals but make sure you keep a check on Dota 2 Announcements Page for latest updates and progress.

P.S. With recent Dota2 updates, players now have the option to watch downloaded Dota2 replays without any effort. So this time its much easier to follow the entire event, even the games being played in parallel. Of course there may be spoilers for downloaded games, but live or not, its always fun to watch a pro-level games, more fun when you watch it in Dota TV even when you know the outcome of the match.


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Defending Champions: Invictus Gaming

Alright, so we have 5 first invites for top teams around the globe.
The teams which received the first invites are:
  1. LGD-Gaming TongFu
  2. Orange E-Sports
  3. Alliance
  4. Fnatic
  5. Team Liquid
As expected, Na'Vi didn't receive an invite. They will surely get an invite, but not among the first 5.

Second Batch of invites:
  1. Na'Vi
  2. Zenith
  3. Team Dignitas
  4. Virtus Pro
  5. DK
Last two invitesdistributed as well. Both Evil Geniuses (EG) and Mortal Team Work (mTw) didn't make it into the invites.
  2. Invasion MUFC
Lets pray for our remaining favorite teams in the east/west qualifiers and pray to see great new talent in the wild cards... ;)

Qualified Teams:
  • West Qualifier Winner: -TBD-
  • East Qualifier Winner: -TBD-
  • Wild Card Winner: -TBD-
West Qualifier Teams:
  1. Absolute Legends ... Quantic
  2. Evil Geniuses ... Keita
  3. RoX.KIS...
  4. Empire... Infused
  5. ICCup ... zNation
  6. QPAD Red Pandas ... mTw
  7. DD.Dota ... Virtus.Pro
  8. mousesports
East Qualifier Teams:
  1. First Departure ... World Elite
  2. ... Mineski
  3. LGD Gaming ... Tongfu
  4. Vici Gaming ... MSI-EvoGT / XctN
  5. RattleSnake ... Aeon
  6. Rising Stars ... Duskbin
  7. Mineski ... Ice
  8. MiTH.Trust
This post will be updated as more teams find their way into internationals main event. Stay tuned! :D


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Event Dates:

Dates for Internationals have been announced with the Dota2 update today!

Tickets for the main event will be made available on the Dota2 store on 7th of May, 2013 and 10 P.M. Pakistan Standard Time. Tickets are of course limited so those of you who are looking forward to attend the event personally should get ready to snatch their tickets. Unlike last 2 times, all tickets will be made available at once and first limited number of people will awarded seats on purchase...

West qualifiers will be played from 13 of May to May 19th. GDStudio will cast these games live. Live cast can be followed on or better, through DotaTV itself for free..
East qualifiers will be played from 20 of May through 26th May. BeyondTheSummit will be casting these games and as with Western qualifiers, these games can watched for free on both and DotaTV

Main event will be hosted on 4th of August, as announced earlier by Valve. :D No official caster has been announced for the main event, chances are high that it will be TobiWan as he hinted in his own Twitch live stream...

More updates will come, stay tuned. Happy Dota! :D


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News Updates:
  • 6th May: In a recent, and rather surprisingly unpleasant move last day, Valve has chosen to replace the invitation of LGD Gaming with Tongfu. This has led to much talks about the qualifications and competitive standing of both team. LGD Gaming, emerging as with the vote of sympathy, has already acquired a lot of fan base and popularity, a share which Tongfu lost due to Valve's move in which TongFu most probably had no part. LDG Gaming has been assigned the seat left by TongFu in the East Qualifier so hope for LDG Gaming and their fans is not yet lost.

  • 7th May: Today we saw a major overhaul in qualifiers. Almost all of the teams have been replaced with new teams. Let's see what final shape this takes before the event actually begins. Let's keep praying for our favorite teams. :p


What is the International Compendium? Any ideas on that? I did not hesitated to search for it so just asking ya.


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Pardon me, but I'm a brutal Linux developer, so I'll say it anyway :D ts always better to search Google first :)

Having said that, its kind of a diary which you will have in your inventory. It will provide details on match status, teams status and live games etc.. It will also allow people to interact with each other, and apparently with their favorite teams as well to provide professional teams with a better and secure method of interacting with their fan base. It will also have a mechanism to vote for outcome of matches.

Purchasing the Compendium will also give you an Internationals' courier, The Smeevil, which will grow better parts as you watch more Internationals live games on DotaTV (somewhat like a Greevil, you'll have to watch games instead of inserting essences).

Dota2 Internationals Compendium is already available on Dota2 Store for 9.99$