Dota 2 Online Tournament Pakistan (LAHORE)

Lil Jabari™

Hi guys. Please excuse me if im posting in the wrong place as I am in a hurry. A friend of mine is hosting an online dota tournament in Lahore and the registration is completely free along with 25k prize money. Please visit the facebook link below to get details on registration. And registration details are also mentioned in rules which I have written here as well.

Tournament link:

1. Registrations are completely free.
2. All team captains are to send me their Steam IDs along with their phone numbers to my facebook or my email i.e. [email protected]. I reside in Lahore, hence contact should really not be a problem.
3. Registrations end on the 20th of July.
4. The winning team will be entitled to 25000 rupees (PKR). There is no prize pool system i.e. there shall be no second or third place etc.
5. All tournament matches will be in 'Captain's mode' (CM). We will be spectating all matches, and all matches will naturally be lobby matches.
6. Since Singapore is the closest in ping measurement to SE Asia in the server selection, Singapore will be our region. All players must understand that their ISPs should allow for that to happen, otherwise they will suffer LAG....and pain for which there is really no remedy. All competitors should be sure of the strengths of their internet.
7. Team captains will roll for sides (Radiant/Dire) before every match in the qualifiers.
8. The tournament will begin with knock-out phases, following the 'Best 2 out of 3' phases for Semi-finals and a 'Best 3 out of 5' phase for the final. In the Semi-finals and the Final, the captains of each team roll ONCE to decide their respective sides (Radiant/Dire) and they will have to switch after every match.
9. All teams will be provided with a 10 minute pause period in cases of DCs, technical difficulties and power outages. If a team exceeds 10 minutes of in game pause time, it is eligible for disqualification and an immediate walkover.
10. Due to the sadness that is WAPDA, there might just be real-time schedule changes due to mass power outages, but those are situational and we are not responsible for schedule inconvenience.
11. In case of server crashes, both teams will restart the match with the same respective hero picks and lanes as the previous match.
12. One of the team captains will host the lobby with tournament rules that we will specify in-game.
13. This tournament is generally for people residing within Pakistan(Lahore).
14. The winning team shall receive their award at the end of the tournament, no foul sorceries here.
15. Thank you for your time.