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Check In-Game Dota 2 Pings and FPS

Discussion in 'Guides' started by xenodevil, May 4, 2013.

  1. xenodevil

    xenodevil Killing Spree

    Everyone wants to know how their PC is performing during a game and of course network stats are also essential for online games. So how do you find out these 2 stats during a live game? Now those player who have played Counter Strike will have an immediate answer. For the rest, here is how you do it:

    Getting to oldies first: to check in-game pings, you can simply type -ping in chat, as in WarcraftIII days and check your pings. Easiest to learn, hardest to use during a tough match! :D

    So there must be an easier way to check pings, and of course there is one. The old magical net_graph command of Counter Strike is present in Dota2 as well... ;) What you need to do is type:
    net_graph 1
    in the console window. Click here to see how to enable Dota2 console.

    What the net_graph command does is that it displays the pings, FPS, inbound and outbound network usage for you to judge your PC and network stats and to enable you to decide how your gameplay can be made smoother.

    For many users, especially those with 4:3 aspect ratio displays (big old monitors), the net_graph command clutters a large portion of screen with information which you won't be needing at all times. Its good to have this info, but annoying to have it pasted across the screen like a banner. So here is another neat command to shrink the size of net_graph.
    net_graphproportionalfont 0
    It will significantly reduce the size of text while leaving it large enough to be legible.

    Want more customization? You can also adjust the positioning of net_graph using
    net_graphinsetbottom xyz
    net_graphinsetleft abc
    where xyz and abc represent an offset from the bottom and left edge of your screen, respectively. The actual offsets depend on your display size, resolution and aspect ratio but with a few hit and trials you can always find a setting suiting your personal comfort. I generally use 29 and 33, but they may differ greatly for you.

    Hope it helps. Happy Dota... :)
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    rauf.nekbeen.5 WHY YOU NO POST!

    Will u let me know which broadband is the best for dota 2 in lahore

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