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5vs5 Season 03

Discussion in '5 VS 5 Tournament' started by Pooya, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    OUR STAFF for SEASON 03 : http://dota2pk.com/threads/323

    • We will accept teams made in www.challonge.com
    • Every member of your team must have a dota2pk.com account, to avoid any duplicates
    • To participate 5 Items are required, Commons will not be accepted.
    • Only team captain is required to post below with their challonge.com team link.
    • Do mention if you wish to play on SE or EU (west or east)
    • SERVER : SE ASIA only.
    • SEMI-FINALS and FINALS will be BEST OF 5
    To register, send your items to http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=86783053&token=o_KxfjOI
    In the description mention your dota2pk userid for a successful trade offer.

    Winner takes 80% of Prize Pool
    2nd Runner up takes 15% of Prize Pool
    1st Runner up takes 5% of Prize Pool

    Donations are more then welcomed, if we get 20 Donations, @Pooya will personally add Rupees 2000 to the prize pool. This will be given to the captain via easypaisa.
    We are also accepting MONEY donations via easypaisa, contact @Pooya for details.

    1. @suffiyyan : http://challonge.com/teams/target-killers
      [​IMG]Skirt of the Tentacular Timelord, [​IMG]Nether Lord's Hat, [​IMG]Quiver of the Wild Wind, [​IMG]Wraps of the Eastern Range, [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Cape

    2. @Z()|-|A|B : http://challonge.com/teams/prestige-division
      [​IMG]Wraps of the Eastern Range, [​IMG]Auspicious Shadowshard - Off-Hand, [​IMG]Bobusang's Merchandise, [​IMG]Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary, [​IMG]Infesting Claws

    3. @Red : http://challonge.com/teams/kob
      [​IMG]Armlets of Command, [​IMG]Ring of Command, [​IMG]Wraps of the Radiant Protector, [​IMG]Belt of Delicacies of Butchery, [​IMG]Desert Gale Armor

    4. @Blade : http://challonge.com/teams/standns
      [​IMG]Sharpeye's Mementos, [​IMG]Steelweb Shell, [​IMG]Wraps of the Radiant Protector, [​IMG]Adornments of the Ember Crane, [​IMG]Toxic Siege Blades

    5. @Legend : http://challonge.com/teams/40min
      [​IMG]Summer's Bounty, [​IMG]Rune Forged Bracers, [​IMG]Araceae's Tribute Spear, [​IMG]Rune Forged Shoulders, [​IMG]Rune Forged Shoulders

    6. @宿敵 N3M3SIS : http://challonge.com/teams/dr3am-kill3rs
      [​IMG]Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary, [​IMG]Ring of Command, [​IMG]Quiver of the Wild Wind, [​IMG]Immemorial Emperor's Coronet, [​IMG]Helm of Divine Ascension

    7. @Yasir : http://challonge.com/teams/putwardplease
      [​IMG]Friend of the West, [​IMG]Flames of Prosperity Set, [​IMG]Yulsaria's Glacier, [​IMG]Merry Wanderer's Brush

    8. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT : http://challonge.com/teams/mcx5
      [​IMG]Emerald Frenzy Flail, [​IMG]Crown of Eternal Reign, [​IMG]Cape of Eternal Reign, [​IMG]Faulds of the Gwimyeon Warrior, [​IMG]Thorned Abdomen of Malice

    9. @[Koletz] ninskie19 : http://challonge.com/teams/team-rochman
      [​IMG]Phasma Phasmatis Shoulders, [​IMG]Quiver of the Wild Wind, [​IMG]Sentinel Bow, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shield, [​IMG]Nether Lord's Devourer

    10. @ansazhar : http://challonge.com/teams/gray-matter
      [​IMG]Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic, [​IMG]Wings of Obelis Mount, [​IMG]Heavenly Guardian Quiver, [​IMG]Gown of the Mortal Coil, [​IMG]Phasma Phasmatis Blade

    11. @[SHK]™Talha : http://challonge.com/teams/the-sheikhs
      [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Cape, [​IMG]Toxic Siege Safety Goggles, [​IMG]Blades of the Predator, [​IMG]Armor of Eternal Eclipse, [​IMG]Wraps of the Radiant Protector

    12. @ANti_CyboRg : http://challonge.com/teams/team-kappa-1
      [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Cape, [​IMG]Desert Gale Helmet, [​IMG]Glaves of the Crescent Moon, [​IMG]Galloping Light, [​IMG]Whispering Dead Mantle

    13. @Modyx15 : http://challonge.com/teams/modys-revenge
      [​IMG]Pelt of The Howling Wolf, [​IMG]Totem of the Forest Hermit, [​IMG]The Commodore's Sash, [​IMG]Auspicious Visage of Eki Bukaw, [​IMG]The Second Disciple's Veil

    14. @DĄUD ҚΣШL : http://challonge.com/teams/elderly-slayers
      [​IMG]Dragon Forged Wings, [​IMG]The Ol' Chopper's Meat Jacket, [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Covering, [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Cape, [​IMG]Amberlight Shawl

    15. @XavieR : http://challonge.com/teams/gozay-band
      [​IMG]Wraps of the Eastern Range, [​IMG]Outland Witch's Necklace, [​IMG]Great Moss Cape of the Fungal Lord, [​IMG]Back of the Cryogenic Embrace, [​IMG]The Gallows Understudy Hood

    16. @[D|] Intellect.
      : http://challonge.com/teams/team_rubick
      [​IMG]Tail of the Ember Crane, [​IMG]Armor of the Tentacular Timelord, [​IMG]Belt of The Iron Drakken, [​IMG]Abdomen of Perception, [​IMG]Immemorial Emperor's Scythe

    17. @ɅɈ™ : TEAM H.A.W.K.S Link: http://challonge.com/teams/hawks-2
      [​IMG]Toxic Siege Bracers, [​IMG]Heavenly Guardian Quiver, [​IMG]Immemorial Emperor's Scythe, [​IMG]Immemorial Emperor's Coronet, [​IMG]Familiar Foe

    18. @-CyRUs- http://challonge.com/teams/team-pudgcut
      [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Covering, [​IMG]Auspicious Rachel the Morde-bat, [​IMG]Spectator: Liquid, [​IMG]Taunt: Techies Squint and Laugh, [​IMG]Horns of Noblesse

    19. @TheZab : http://challonge.com/teams/paradox-gaming-1
      [​IMG]Flamestitched Suitings Bandana, [​IMG]Furstole of the Shadowcat, [​IMG]Araceae's Tribute Necklace, [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Cape, [​IMG]Amberlight Shawl


    1. @()u†$!D3R
      [​IMG]Auspicious Crown of Entwined Fate, [​IMG]Grudge in the Mist
    2. @Modyx15
      [​IMG]Inscribed Diffusal Lance, [​IMG]Emerging Dragon, [​IMG]Glaive of the Lucent Rider, [​IMG]Glaive of the Silent Champion, [​IMG]Inscribed Mistral Braid, [​IMG]Inscribed Luminous Edge, [​IMG]Inscribed Mistblade, [​IMG]Inscribed Last Judgment, [​IMG]Headdress of the Ember Crane, [​IMG]Inscribed Pyre, [​IMG]Thunder Rogue's Braid
      Rupees 5000/- to the winning team.
    4. @suffiyyan
      [​IMG]Cape of Eternal Reign, [​IMG]Hair of the Arsenal Magus

    5. @ɅɈ™
      Starrider of the Crescent Steel
      [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Mount, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Glaive, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shoulders, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shield, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Helmet, [​IMG]Infesting Cranium, [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Cape, [​IMG]Scepter of Corrupted Amber, [​IMG]Auspicious Stonehall Royal Guard Dragonslayer, [​IMG]Horns of Deep Magma

    6. @FullMetalBitch™

      [​IMG]Auspicious Blade of Endless Havoc, [​IMG]Auspicious Helmet of Endless Havoc, [​IMG]Auspicious Deep Vault Guardian Trident, [​IMG]Auspicious Shard of Vengeance, [​IMG]Cloak of the Dark Wraith, [​IMG]Hood of the Clergy Ascetic, [​IMG]Chemical Rage, [​IMG]Words of the Awakened, [​IMG]Whiskers of Entwined Fate, [​IMG]Face of Delicacies of Butchery, [​IMG]Trophy of the Shadowcat, [​IMG]Bow of Tranquility, [​IMG]Array of Tranquility Loading Screen, [​IMG]Wrist Shackles of the Black Death, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shoulders, [​IMG]Eternal Nymph Loading Screen, [​IMG]Steelweb Cuirass, [​IMG]Steelweb Countenance, [​IMG]Execution Headclamp of the Black Death, [​IMG]DK Pennant, [​IMG]Shoulderplates of Evil Spirit, [​IMG]Corpsemaker, [​IMG]Sentinel Shoulders, [​IMG]Duskie Loading Screen, [​IMG]Moonrider's Lucent Headdress, [​IMG]Toxic Siege Corrosive Flasks, [​IMG]Sentinel Cloak, [​IMG]Arctic Watchtower, [​IMG]Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shield
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  2. suffiyyan

    suffiyyan Dominating

  3. [SHK]™Talha

    [SHK]™Talha WHY YOU NO POST!

    I dont have team on challonge. Can i register too.
    Plz guide me first time registering team for any tournament.
  4. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    You need to have a challonge team.
    Make one its very easy.
  5. [SHK]™Talha

    [SHK]™Talha WHY YOU NO POST!

    Okay!! Thanks
  6. Z()|-|A|B

    Z()|-|A|B WHY YOU NO POST!

  7. Red


  8. Blade

    Blade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  9. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Registrations are currently on hold until further updates.
    To existing team members, make sure you have a team within DOTA2 for your matches to be played live.

    A big surprise is on your way :)
  10. [SHK]™Talha

    [SHK]™Talha WHY YOU NO POST!

    How to make a team on challonge bro!!!!!! @Pooya
  11. Blade

    Blade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    you need to register at challonge.com and them there is tab to make a team. make a team there and post link here for registration.
  12. [SHK]™Talha

    [SHK]™Talha WHY YOU NO POST!

  13. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    We will be opening the registrations again tomorrow, with additional details on this tournament.
  14. [BliZZarD]_FrOsT

    [BliZZarD]_FrOsT Dominating

  15. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Registrations are now officially open again.
    Everything remains the same, except this tournament will start only when we have 32 teams registered :)
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  17. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Thank you @Modyx15 for donating to this tournament :)
  18. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Members will be receiving sms and emails regarding this tournament. I would appreciate it if everyone could follow it to their friends who play dota 2 :)
  19. [SHK]™Talha

    [SHK]™Talha WHY YOU NO POST!

  20. -ReVenGeR-

    -ReVenGeR- Killing Spree

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