5vs5 Season 02


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OUR STAFF for SEASON 02 : http://dota2pk.com/threads/323

  • We will accept teams made in www.challonge.com
  • Every member of your team must have a dota2pk.com account, to avoid any duplicates
  • To participate 5 Items are required, Commons wont be accepted.
  • Only team captain is required to post below with their challonge.com team link.
IF I OWN ANY OF YOUR TEAMS FROM SEASON 01, then contact me @Pooya to make you the team admin.

To register, send your items to http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=86783053&token=o_KxfjOI
In the description mention your dota2pk userid for a successful trade offer.

Last Date to register your team is : 6th of September 2014. 22nd of September 2014
Due to many teams wanting to register and our Random Team submission we have extended registration dates. More good news to follow :)

Winner takes 80% of Prize Pool
2nd Runner up takes 15% of Prize Pool
1st Runner up takes 5% of Prize Pool

Donations are more then welcomed, if we get 10 Donations, i will personally add Rupees 1000 to the prize pool. This will be given to the captain via easypaisa. We are also accepting MONEY donations via easypaisa, contact @Pooya for details.

Note: This tournament will hopefully be played live on DOTA2, fingers crossed.
Meanwhile if anyone has any reservations about anything feel free to comment below.


Due to EID we have extended our deadlines for Round 01 and Round 02.
Deadline for Round 01 and Round 02 is
02nd October 2013. 08th October 2013
Walkovers will be awarded to the active opponent on 03rd October 2013 09th October 2013

Teams Registered :
  1. @suffiyyan : http://challonge.com/teams/target-killers
    Wraps of the Eastern Range, Mantle of the Crescent Moon, Heavenly Guardian Quiver, Outland Witch's Necklace, Bow of the Shadowcat

  2. @-ReVenGeR- : http://challonge.com/teams/aero-monsters
    Spear of the Outcast, Nether Grandmaster's Cape, Great Moss Cape of the Fungal Lord, Desert Gale Helmet, Blade of the Wandering Demon

  3. @aNtY._.MaG3 2 : http://challonge.com/teams/the-butchers
    Back of the Cryogenic Embrace, Auspicious Call of the Dendrochron, Bracers of Malicious Efflorescence, Barrier Shard Axe, Fearless Badger

  4. @Blade : http://challonge.com/teams/standns
    Claddish Hightops, Scepter of Corrupted Amber, Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary, Heavy Barbed Morning Star, Staff of the Demon Stone

  5. @H.its : http://challonge.com/teams/ez-katka
    Glaive of the Lucent Rider, Bright Moon Jeonmo, Helmet of the Cryogenic Embrace, Sentinel Cloak, Skittering Lotus

  6. @Silver Lining : http://challonge.com/teams/team-try-hards
    Cloak of the Northern Wind, Talon of the Scarlet Raven - Off-Hand, Quiver of the Wild Wind, Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic - Off-Hand, Rifle of The Howling Wolf

  7. @XavieR : http://challonge.com/teams/gozay-band
    Castor's Spaulder, Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary, Nether Lord's Hat, Desert Gale Helmet, Rune Forged Bracers

  8. @Luminati : http://challonge.com/teams/ruthless-raider
    Wrath of the Highborn, Breath of The Iron Drakken, Sentinel Bow, Ring of Command, Mantle of the Crescent Moon

  9. @spartacus1921 : http://challonge.com/teams/devil_democracy
    Mantle of Divine Ascension, Helm of Eternal Eclipse, Wraps of the Radiant Protector, Augur's Armor, The Gallows Understudy Hood

  10. @Noob iz here : http://challonge.com/teams/team-legionnaire
    Totem of the Forest Hermit, Belt of Delicacies of Butchery, Ball-n-Chains of the Black Death, Belt of Ancestral Luck, Wraps of the Radiant Protector

  11. @Tultras : http://challonge.com/teams/gluconeogenesis
    Councilor's Staff, Coat of the Scarlet Raven, Amberlight Sarong, Amberlight Shawl, Blades of Eternal Eclipse

  12. @EA|Zalam_Ch. : http://challonge.com/teams/evil-assassins
    Mantle of Divine Ascension, Abdomen of Perception, Belt of The Iron Drakken, Gauntlet of The Iron Drakken, Nether Grandmaster's Cape

  13. @Fart McPoopy Pants : http://challonge.com/teams/team-c-2 (Team Name: Fire Ferrets)
    Luscious Locks, Inscribed Whirling Mind Slicer, Skittering Lotus, Nether Grandmaster's Points, Rune Forged Staff

  14. @Legend : http://challonge.com/teams/40min
    Desert Gale Armor, Desert Gale Helmet, Bobusang's Merchandise, Huo - Blade of Prosperity, Huo - Blade of Prosperity

  15. @Talha Butt : http://challonge.com/teams/pakoray
    Taunt: Celebration of Death, Nether Heart, Burden of the Exiled Ronin, Raven Scythe, Arctic Hunter's Ice Axe

  16. @Xirexor : http://challonge.com/teams/mcx5
    Curse of the Highborn, Shadow Essence, Dragon Forged Staff, Claddish Hightops, Coat of the Scarlet Raven

  17. @ɅɈ™ : http://challonge.com/teams/the-renegades (Team name: Bio Terrorists)
    Desert Gale Moustache, Blades of Eternal Eclipse, Foreteller's Haircomb, Caustic Spurs, Immemorial Emperor's Scythe

  18. @U and me = Bed : http://challonge.com/teams/sf
    Plackart of the Demon Stone, Pike of the Blood Stained Sands, Adornment of the Clergy Ascetic, Plackart of the Demon Stone, Plume of the Dragon Guard

Donations :
  1. @suffiyyan Amberlight Shawl, Helm of the Outcast
  2. @Blessed : Inscribed Eternal Nymph
  3. @RiNzler : Grudge in the Mist, Iceforged Hair, Skywrath Sentinel, Fan of Piercing Silence

  4. @/\R!ST0CR/\TE : Arms of Eternal Reign, Blade of the Abyss, Blade of the Abyss, Death Shadow Bow, Dark Ranger's Headdress, Desert Gale Arms, Caustic Tarsus, Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Chestplate, Helmet of the Chosen Larva, Pack of the Blood Stained Sands, Pads of the Eastern Range, Pads of the Eastern Range, Wings of Obelis Mount Armor, Toxic Siege Pauldrons, Bracers of the Silent Guardian, Hood of the Northlight, Nether Grandmaster's Bite, Nether Lord's Bracer, Nether Lord's Cape, Phasma Phasmatis Head, Phasma Phasmatis Belt, Burden of the Highborn, Shoulderplates of Evil Spirit, Shoulderplates of Evil Spirit, Crown of Perception, Araceae's Tribute Bracelets, Bracers of the Eastern Range, Bracers of the Gwimyeon Warrior, Bracers of the Wandering Demon, Armlet of the Dragon Guard, Vestments of the Ten Plagues Beard, Arms of the Silent Champion, Shift of the Silent Guardian, Prestidigitator's Shiners,
    Prestidigitator's Shiners, Wings of Obelis Helmet, Wings of Obelis Staff, Wings of Obelis Mount Armor, Wings of Obelis Arms, Wings of Obelis Shoulders, Armguards of the Penitent Nomad, Wings of Obelis Mount,

  5. @ɅɈ™ : Armor of the Tentacular Timelord, Tusk of the Ocean Conqueror, Vestments of the Ten Plagues Shoulders, Emerging Dragon Missile, Emerging Dragon, Hat of Fortune, Gatling Cannon of the Dragon Emperor

  6. @Special Phantom : Mantle of Divine Ascension, Helm of Eternal Eclipse, Wraps of the Radiant Protector, Augur's Armor, The Gallows Understudy Hood

  7. @Xirexor : Scarf of the Deadly Nightshade, Nether Lord's Hat, Ember Pauldrons of Prosperity, Toxic Siege Blades, Horns of Deep Magma

  8. @Ahmed Latif : Donated Rupees 2000/- to the Prize Pool
  9. @Pooya : Donated Rupees 2000/- to the Prize Pool
  10. UNKNOWN MEMBER : Donated Rupees 5000/- to the Prize Pool
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Fourth team registered, Guys we need atleast 20 teams. Kindly let your friends know about it.


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Just to let everyone know who have signed up and looking to sign up. This tournament will be played within 6 days. From start to finish only 5 days are allowed to stream this tournament live on dota2.
Therefore we might change our registrations date to allow more teams to get to know each other for a more organize tournament.
We also have stream casters from Pakistan who are signing up for this tournament.


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