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1vs1 Tournament Season 06

Discussion in '1 VS 1 Tournament' started by Pooya, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    1 VS 1 Tournament - Season 06

    Winner takes 80% of the prize pool.
    1st Runner up takes 15% of the prize pool
    2nd Runner up tales 5% of the prize pool.

    Games Rules : No Soul Ring, No Neutrals, No EarthShaker creep blocking.
    Playing Server : Preferably SEA.
    To Participate : 1 RARE ITEM
    To Play : Opponents will need to contact each other so they can play and submit their MATCH ID & Wins within this thread.

    Game Rules : Normal 1v1 Mode in DOTA 2.
    • 2 Kills or One Tower.
    • Best of 3 per match, No hero can be repeated in best of 3.
    • You can pick any hero including duplicates.
    • Enemy cannot see your hero selection until they choose theirs.
    • Each player starts off with a free courier.
    • [​IMG]
    Last date for entry 03rd October 2014.
    Brackets will be online on the 04th October 2014.
    Matches begin the moment the brackets are visible to public.
    Reply below to participate in the tournament.
    Note: If you're steam isn't integrated with your account, you wont be allowed to participate. Contact staff for help.
    Anyone willing to donate then kindly contact @Pooya
    Our @Staff will be part of this tournament to help cast, referee and much more.
    ***Stay tuned for more prize updates.

    Deadlines will be announced for reach round, if players fail to show up and play their match, walkovers will be awarded to the active opponent on our forums.
    For example : http://dota2pk.com/members/23/ Shows when i was last seen on the forums.

    Link for sending me your RARE to participate : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=86783053&token=o_KxfjOI - Do mention your dota2pk.com username in description.
    We are open to donations as well please :D

    1. @Modyx15 [​IMG]Back of the Master Weaver
    2. @Th3_Sneaky Eyezz [​IMG]Blade of Eternal Reign
    3. @rage_3d [​IMG]Saberhorn's Belt
    4. @D34DLY_N00B [​IMG]Skittering Lotus
    5. @TnT [​IMG]Enchanted Manglewood Staff
    6. @Special Phantom [​IMG]Thunder Rogue's Braid
    7. @|[email protected]| D3V!L [​IMG]Headdress of the Wildwing's Blessing
    8. @havoc (4) [​IMG]Gift of the Awakened
    9. @‡×‡Th3 D€mØnštrator™ [​IMG]Stag of the Northlight
    10. @Whats Up Doc ! ? [​IMG]Shard of Vengeance
    11. @ANti_CyboRg [​IMG]Infesting Claws

    1. @Modyx15 [​IMG]Skittering Lotus
    2. @TnT [​IMG]Saberhorn's Belt
    3. @|[email protected]| D3V!L [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Ward, [​IMG]Whirling Mind Slicer, [​IMG]Rune Forged Staff, [​IMG]Cloud Forged Great Wings
    4. @Pooya [​IMG]Coat of the Scarlet Raven, [​IMG]Horns of Deep Magma, [​IMG]Helm of Divine Ascension, [​IMG]Desert Gale Moustache
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2014
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  2. Carl


    I'm in.
  3. havoc (4)

    havoc (4) WHY YOU NO POST!

    early registration for me please :)
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  4. FaranShaikh

    FaranShaikh WHY YOU NO POST!

  5. Noob iz here

    Noob iz here WHY YOU NO POST!

    I am in as well
  6. XavieR


  7. Modyx15

    Modyx15 Killing Spree

    count me in
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  8. Th3_Sneaky Eyezz

    Th3_Sneaky Eyezz WHY YOU NO POST!

    I M IN :p
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  9. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Good to see participants signing up and even donating to the season :)
    I have a feeling this is going to be big.
  10. rage_3d

    rage_3d WHY YOU NO POST!

    i am in
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  11. -ReVenGeR-

    -ReVenGeR- Killing Spree

    Count me in :))


    I'm in :)
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  13. TnT


    i am in
  14. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    To everyone who are replying with " I am in " - You wont be added to the list unless you send me a rare item.
  15. TnT


    @Pooya my brother have sent rare item
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  16. Im in
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  17. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    If your post gets liked by me, it means you have been added to the participant list.
  18. |P@K| D3V!L

    |[email protected]| D3V!L Killing Spree Trusted Seller

  19. Whats Up Doc ! ?

    Whats Up Doc ! ? WHY YOU NO POST!

    I Am in.
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