1 vs1 Tournament


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Dec 29, 2012
SEASON 5 REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE AT : http://dota2pk.com/threads/1-vs-1-tournament-s05.281/
1 vs 1 Tournament SEASON 4.

Winner takes all.
Prizes : 2014 International Compendium and 500 Compendium Points

Games Rules : Same Hero & Mid only. No Soul Ring, No Neutrals, No EarthShaker creep blocking. - Thank you @aNtY._.MaG3 2 & @H.its for the edit
Playing Server : Preferably be SEA.
To Play : Opponents will be sent out a private msg from @Pooya or @Tultras doing a coin toss to decide who picks first and second. Upon tie breaker there will be another coin toss.
To Win : 3 Kills or Two Towers. - Thank you @H.its for the edit
Last date for entry Monday 21st July 2014.
Reply below to participate in the tournament.
Anyone else willing to donate then kindly contact me.
Members willing to help stream the match live and be part of the referee team kindly contact me.

Participants of our 1 vs 1 Dota2 Tournament. This image will update automatically as the results start pouring in.

Voluntary Referees
  1. @Tultras
Teams wishing to show of their talents can participate in our 5 vs 5 tournament : http://dota2pk.com/threads/5-vs-5-tournament.267/
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