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1 vs 1 Tournament - S05

Discussion in '1 VS 1 Tournament' started by Pooya, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    1 VS 1 Tournament - Season 05
    Winner takes all. Due to the massive donations and signup's its fair to split the prize pool.

    Winner takes 80% of the prize pool.
    1st Runner up takes 15% of the prize pool
    2nd Runner up tales 5% of the prize pool.

    Supreme Champion:@Abrar
    Worthy Adversary:@H.its
    3rd place tie:@Andrial

    Games Rules : No Soul Ring, No Neutrals, No EarthShaker creep blocking.
    Playing Server : Preferably SEA.
    To Participate : 1 KEY or 1 RARE ITEM, if you dont have any key or item to give we will submit a key for you :) - Contact @Pooya for details. (P.S : This is for all those haters who think we are not genuine :D)
    To Play : Opponents will receive a private msg from @Pooya so they can submit their MATCH ID & Wins.

    Game Rules : Normal 1v1 Mode in DOTA 2. - Thank you @Tultras for the edit.
    • 2 Kills or One Tower.
    • Best of 3 per match, No hero can be repeated in best of 3.
    • You can pick any hero including duplicates.
    • Enemy cannot see your hero selection until they choose theirs.
    • Each player starts off with a free courier.
    • 1vs1 rules.jpg

    Last date for entry Monday 21st August 2014.
    Reply below to participate in the tournament.
    Note: If you're steam isn't integrated with your account, you wont be allowed to participate. Contact staff for help.
    Anyone else willing to donate then kindly contact me.
    Members willing to help stream the match live and be part of the referee team kindly contact me.

    For example : http://dota2pk.com/members/23/ Shows when i was last seen on the forums.

    Link for sending me your RARE or KEY to participate : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=86783053&token=o_KxfjOI - Do mention your dota2pk.com username in description.
    We are open to donations as well please :D
    Participants :
    1. @| Report | inGenious : [​IMG]Treasure Key
    2. @H.its : [​IMG]Shoulder Block of Delicacies of Butchery
    3. @methodmad : [​IMG]Execution Headclamp of the Black Death
    4. @ViGosS : [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Points
    5. @Modyx15 : [​IMG]Bright Moon Jeonmo
    6. @|[email protected]| D3V!L : [​IMG]Inscribed Radiant Crystal Haul
    7. @[D|] Intellect. : [​IMG]Frozen Hood of the Scarlet Raven
    8. @Gerbert .akki : [​IMG]Staff of Divine Ascension
    9. @spartacus1921 : [​IMG]Ornate Hat of Good Fortune
    10. @BlooD. : [​IMG]Iceforged Shoulders
    11. @Jawad Azhar Ch : [​IMG]Inscribed Encore
    12. @ooredoo1 : [​IMG]Steelweb Countenance
    13. @Abrar : [​IMG]''*Anzal*''
    14. @730 : [​IMG]Wings of Obelis Mount
    15. @ANti_CyboRg : [​IMG]Auspicious Burden of the Exiled Ronin
    16. @Crime!!! Time!!! : [​IMG]Dagger of the Outcast
    17. @Zak : [​IMG]Inscribed Spring's Lilium Crown
    18. @Farsightx : [​IMG]Hood of the Font Guard
    19. @Andrial : [​IMG]Dagger of the Outcast
    20. @Tultras : [​IMG]Auspicious Back of the Master Weaver
    21. @‡×‡Th3 D€mØnštrator™ : [​IMG]Araceae's Tribute Hair
    22. @/\R!ST0CR/\TE : [​IMG]Grudge in the Mist
    23. @Special Phantom : [​IMG]Mask of the Wandering Demon
    24. @EraseR! : [​IMG]Gift of the Awakened
    25. @gud_fanz : [​IMG]Cape of the Eastern Range
    26. @Legendary noob : [​IMG]Inscribed Wards Placed
    27. @TheZab : [​IMG]Nether Grandmaster's Points
    28. @rage_3d : [​IMG]Thorned Skitterers of Despite
    29. @Whats Up Doc ! ? : [​IMG]Cape of the Eastern Range
    30. @GaM3r : [​IMG]Ornate Hat of Good Fortune
    31. @FortMajor : [​IMG]Core of Stoneshard Majesty
    32. @Pk._.HuNTeR : [​IMG]Totem of the Forest Hermit
    33. @ss94 : [​IMG]Genuine Form of the Onyx Grove
    1. @Modyx15
      [​IMG]Inscribed Merry Wanderer's Brush
    2. @|[email protected]| D3V!L
      [​IMG]Inscribed Whirling Mind Slicer, [​IMG]Inscribed Perceptive Spiderling, [​IMG]Perceptive Spiderling, [​IMG]Inscribed Merry Wanderer's Brush, [​IMG]Inscribed Corrupted Shard, [​IMG]Inscribed Hammer of the Skygods
    3. @[D|] Intellect.
      [​IMG]Heavy Barbed Back
    4. @()u†$!D3R
      [​IMG]Wings of Obelis Mount [​IMG]Inscribed Fin King's Charm [​IMG]Inscribed Heroes Revealed with Dust [​IMG]Staff of Divine Ascension [​IMG]Perceptive Spiderling
    5. @Crime!!! Time!!!
      [​IMG]Mane of the Demon Stone
    6. @Zak
      [​IMG]Inscribed Stalwart Sentinel
    7. @Tultras
      [​IMG]Auspicious Netherax, Nightmare of the Mist
    8. @RiNzler
      [​IMG]Featherfall Bow, [​IMG]Treasure Key, [​IMG]Treasure Key
    9. @Blessed
      [​IMG]Treasure Key, [​IMG]Treasure Key, [​IMG]Evildoer, [​IMG]Emerging Dragon, [​IMG]Dagger of the Outcast, [​IMG]Dagger of the Outcast, [​IMG]Dark General's Mantle, [​IMG]Inscribed Gloried Horn of Druud, [​IMG]Furious Rune, [​IMG]Belt of Teardrop Ice, [​IMG]Grampa Sharpie's Shin Shooter, [​IMG]Fan of Piercing Silence
    10. @/\R!ST0CR/\TE
      [​IMG]Defiled Stinger, [​IMG]Inscribed Dark Angel
    11. @gud_fanz
      [​IMG]Iguana's Bow
    12. @Legendary noob
      [​IMG]Inscribed Victories
    13. @FortMajor
      [​IMG]Lyralei's Breeze
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
  2. H.its

    H.its WHY YOU NO POST!

    I'll take part
    Pooya likes this.
  3. | Report | inGenious

    | Report | inGenious WHY YOU NO POST!

    Count me in, please message me details on how to submit a key.
    Pooya likes this.
  4. gud_fanz

    gud_fanz WHY YOU NO POST!

    Pooya likes this.
  5. Zubair

    Zubair WHY YOU NO POST!

    i am in
  6. Demon

    Demon WHY YOU NO POST!

  7. methodmad

    methodmad WHY YOU NO POST!

    Pooya likes this.
  8. Viral

    Viral WHY YOU NO POST!

    Okay im in
  9. spartacus1921

    spartacus1921 WHY YOU NO POST!

    Pooya likes this.
  10. L3ORIC™

    L3ORIC™ Dominating

    @Pooya Who says you are not genuine?
    I hereby certify that you are 100% Genuine! :p

  11. ViGosS


  12. Maan

    Maan Administrator Staff Member Admin

    i am IN
  13. DDk


    i am in.
    ps. 1 key or 1 rare seems wrong because 1 key= 18 rares approx.
  14. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Some people are generous to give rares like @| Report | inGenious - Ii did not want to pressure anyone into submitting a key as rare is an easier option.

    P.S: Others who have signed up kindly contact me on steam to send in your key or rare.
  15. iNukE-


    I am in.
    Steam ID= TzkiN
  16. Harmain Mirza

    Harmain Mirza Wonder

    Btw why are you taking keys or rares?
  17. Maan

    Maan Administrator Staff Member Admin

    takleeef hai :confused:
    btaw jeete ga usko deni hain na bhai o_O
  18. Pooya

    Pooya Administrator Staff Member Admin

    First integrate your account so i can reply back.
    spartacus1921 likes this.
  19. Modyx15

    Modyx15 Killing Spree

    count me in, i cant add you for the item so can you add me? :)
    Pooya likes this.
  20. -ReVenGeR-

    -ReVenGeR- Killing Spree

    Count me in.

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