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    [H] Hooks, TB, SF, PA & LC Arcanas

    What about compendiums?
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    MMR Boosting service.

    party mmr boost kar de hits :D
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    EG wins the TI15

    Zero fucks given to that retarded kid
  4. ɅɈ™

    5vs5 Season 04

    Carl. Please post your challonge team link here
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    Scammer..... Alert !!

    Okay I will try to get your immortal back. Konsa immortal tha..?
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    DOTA2PK 1vs1 Tournament Season 9

    You can send your trade offers to me.
  7. ɅɈ™

    DOTA2PK 1vs1 Tournament Season 9

    Atleast 16 entries are needed to start the tournament. You can register. Have fun
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    Scammer..... Alert !!

    Please mention some details about the scam so we can atleast black list this person
  9. ɅɈ™

    5vs5 Season 04

    Its a request to all team members to kindly put Steam URL of all their team members in description.
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    Need Help

    He is currently trade banned.. So I can not say anything. You better be cautious.
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    Need Compendium

    Purchase it from Our Trusted Seller [email protected] Devil. Here its his steam URL.
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    5vs5 Season 04

    Challonge Team is Good enough. Team captain must put every steam link of his team mates and their names.
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    [H] Selling csgo keys and dota stuff

    Trusted Seller.. Recommended..!
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    We are resetting

    I dont think malt is with d2pk...
  15. ɅɈ™

    Twitch tv

    Its a very tough task. Twitch is already swarmed is with too many streamers. No chance for us
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    We are resetting

    Nice then :)
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    We are resetting

    45 days ticket approval time with Ticket. and 15 days without ticket. Pooya I can design a ticket if you want.
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    We are resetting

    Nice then.. Pooya. Should i start the registration now?
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    Would People Be Interested in a Podcast

    Its not a Goli. Tea Time will reply :)