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    Dota2Pk is back??!!

    Was not expecting it to be back just like that. Been close to a half a decade! Where is Sir Pooya?
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    WhatsApp Group or

    he meant the whatsapp group, if it exists that is. :p
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    Lets Revive DOTA2PK.COM

    I know how to use wordpress BUT i'll commit only when there are actually people working on it for some time. This happens everytime, they show up for a few days. A week at most and they all disappear. No one's dedicated to the work they do here. :/
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    Lets Revive DOTA2PK.COM

    I'm totally down with this!
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    Dear friend Pooya Happy to you. And the guild is no more due to new dota2

    MashAllah! Congrats mate! :D
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    Twitch tv

    its not about that, the members of our site will be our spectators and as this site grow we'll have more spectators. The problem is that pakistani net cannot handle twitch streaming. You can try but i doubt you'll be able to support atleast 720p. Requires atleast around 4mb upload speed.
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    We are resetting

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    Would People Be Interested in a Podcast

    I could join you guys too but probably on the next show since my papers will end on the 16th of june. Sad life :|
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    I am Offering MMR boosting Service ....

    free ez 5k mmr for meh?
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    WE crashed

    Let's not give up, keep it up! There wasn't much data to begin with. ^.^
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    A Treat By Me :P

    I live in Korang town, it's almost attached to bahria phase 1-6
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    RG vs KoB [ THE REMATCH ]

    When is it?
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    Carl :D

    What MMR? good to see players who know how qop's ultimate is suppose to be used :p
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    RG Wins Season 3 5v5 Runner Up KOB+PDT

    What's done is done, we did discuss about introducing a new rule regarding the standins and a procedure on how the teams will be registered. Hopefully that will prevent this from happening ever again!
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    World cup Who will be the 2015's champion

    Are you talking about cricket, or TI5? :p